Dr. Bryan Willoughby
Independent Consultant

Areas of Expertise

  • Polymer process and service chemistry
  • Cure, the products of cure and cure monitoring
  • Additives and additive performance
  • Migration in and out of polymers
  • Emissions and risk assessment

I am a consultant polymer chemist. That means I provide advice and technical support on matters where chemistry is at work and needs to be understood, controlled or explained. Misconceptions over what does or doesn't matter in encouraging or suppressing chemical change can lead to difficulties in specification, high scrap rates, failures in service or uncertainties over compliance with leglislative or customer requirements. Don't let such uncertainties or misconceptions cost you time or money. I have some thirty-five years experience of trouble-shooting and consultancy, gained initially at Rapra and, of late, as an independent consultant. I hold academic qualifications in polymer chemistry (BSc, PhD) and am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemisty and of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. I am an Affilate of the Rubber Division of the ACS and a Specialist Member of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene within the BOHS.
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