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NOTE: These values are representative values and do not relate to a specific grade of material

Generic Type: POLYAMIDE (NYLON) 6 S.I. Abbr: PA6
Glass Transition Temperature (°C) 50
Crystalline Melting Point (°C) 220
Room Temperature Density (kg/m^3) 1140
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 80
Process Range (°C) 230 - 290
No Flow Temperature (°C) 220
Average Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg °K) 2200
Average Thermal Diffusivity (mm^2/s) 0.09
Vicat Softening Point (°C) 210
HDT (0.45 MPa) (°C) 200
HDT (1.80 MPa) (°C) 80
Chain Structure: Semi-Crystalline
Tensile Strength (MPa) 40
Elongation @ break (%) 60
Shear Viscosity Vs Shear Rate PVT Specific Volume as a function of Pressure, Temperature Specific Heat Capacity as a function of Temperature Thermal Diffusivity as a function of Temperature
Graphical Information
Impact Strength (kJ/m) 0.250
Flexural Modulus (GPa) 1.0
Flammability Rating (UL94) HB
Drying Time (Hrs) 3
Drying Temperature (°C) 95
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